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Age: 1979-09-16

Gender: female

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: chestnut

Weight: 106 lbs (48 kg)

Height: 5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Ethnicity: French

Country: France

City: Gibraltar

Celebrity Pornstar Ava Addams All Sex and Porn Videos

Ava Addams brings three D dicks to the table and only watches the jaws fall down faster than their pants. Wondering how science managed to keep these things upright in that rigid skinny body of the Ava. Well, modern doctors are magicians because her body is out of this world magic. But the first charm of Ava comes from dark eyes; you look at them and move into a dark, mysterious place full of jumping bones and twitching clitoris. Coming from Gibraltar, a large rock somewhere between Europe and Africa, Ava is a certified collector who battles bodybuilders for fans since the end of the 2000s. While eating a cat or taking a dick, Mrs. Adams is still a hundred percent physically. She’s doing ballet, if you think she can help keep big mammals stable. In fact, the ballet Ava Addams would win brand new horn birds to see the pirouette. When she’s not working, she needs someone for her body to work, because she likes to have a massage and a scrub. Imagine an enthusiastic hands-on artist who is kneading his flesh and waiting to feel his shell. Why is Ava doing these things? For our pleasure to watch only to keep the body and performance in the best condition. Isn’t that thoughtful?